AWS EC2 Instance creation

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EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) forms a central part of’s cloud-computing platform in Amazon Web Services.
It use to allow user to rent virtual computers on which to run their own computer applications


Firstly Login in AWS and select Service as EC2 in Compute section or by Search

Add Your Heading Text HereNow Click orange button called “Launch Instance” that create new instance

Now Select Amazon Machine Image(AMI) as Ubuntu Server

Now Choose instance type, I choose Free Version here

Next is to Configure instance details

Next is to Add Storage

Now Click to Add tag and Set A Key-value to tag

Now Configure the Security Group

Now in Review Instance Launch, All the details about instance are shown

Now create a new Key pair or select an existing key pair to download the Key-Pair in .pem format.

This file is most important to create instance. Here i create ‘demos’ and download file with name “demos.pem”.

Here are the list of instance and the instance i have created with key name as “demos”

Now select the instance that we have to use;Here i select my instance with Key name demos and click on connect.

Now copy the shh install command that i have selected and run in cmd with the path where “demos.pem” is situated like below

And finally you are connect to the ubuntu instance

Now you can run your backend app and runserver in this instance and you will not have to run server on your local machine every time.

Hope this will help you to create instance using AWS E2 service.

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